Compensation Plan


What sets Nouvelle Health’s commission plan apart from other MLM commissions? We have products that are science based natural health products. Products designed and formulated by Dr. Lester Griffith, an acknowledged leader in the field of science-based natural medicine.  We are unique and different from mt Network Marketing companies in that we have a renowned doctor as the leader and creator of Nouvelle Health.  We also have a first rate compensation plan.  It is a simple, strait forward plan that is designed to motivate distributors to build their organization and achieve success. We designed the commission plan to be easy to understand and has advancement and income goals that are easy to reach.  With the Nouvelle Health commission plan you can advance and build you business quicker and easier that just about any other plan.
Nouvelle Health’s commission plan is designed to help you build your business organization and also help you receive the highest level of compensation that you can dream of or achieve. One of the unique features of our commission plan is to place the highest commission percentage at the second level. That will help to motivate distributors to recruit and also train their first line distributors and help them recruit.  With the higher percentage at the second level a distributor will want the most purchases to be at the second level. Therefore it is in their best interest to train and motivate those distributors that they recruited and help them to recruit other distributors.  The sales from purchases of those at the second will the highest commission percentage (14%).  Even though the second level is a higher percentage you can still make excellent commissions from your first level distributors and purchases made on their websites. We’ve also designed our commission percentages to provide you with more money sooner. In most MLM companies you have to work for many years to build up a deep down-line big enough to start seeing some actual money. We’ve put higher commission percentages in your immediate down-line so you can start seeing returns faster.
Finally, we offer a compensation plan for online retail sales, something almost unheard of in MLM companies.
Ways to Make Money 1. PERSONAL RETAIL SALES: Buy direct from the company and resell the products at 20%, 30% or more profit.
  1. ON-LINE SALES — RECEIVE A 20% COMMISSION FROM ON-LINE RETAIL SALES: When your Retail Customers access your web page and place orders you receive a 20% commission from each sale.
Online retail Sales — The selling Distributor will receive 20% of the retail sales volume. The sale then plugs into that Distributor’s Personal Volume at set purchase volume of the products purchased. From that amount, up-line commissions start at 9% for the Distributor above, 14% for the next, then 7%, 5%, 3%, 2%, 2% and 1%.
For example on a $100 sale: Retail on-line sale — the selling Distributor) receives 20% of $100 = $20.
  1. COMMISSIONS 8 LEVELS DEEP: Commissions are paid on the Wholesale Volume: Level 1 = 9% Level 2 = 14% Level 3 = 7% Level 4 = 5% Level 5 = 3% Level 6 = 2% Level 7 = 2% Level 8 = 1%
The chart below is an example of the commission structure if everyone recruits exactly five distributors at each level.  Each distributor will earn different commission amounts depending on the effort the put forth.
    —–              —–                                   1                             $75                     -0-
      1                  9.0%                               5                          $375                $33.75
     2                 14.0%                             25                       $1,875             $262.50
     3                   7.0%                            125                      $9,375             $656.25
     4                   5.0%                           625                    $46,875          $2,343.75
     5                   3.0%                        3,125                  $234,375          $7,031.25
     6                   2.0%                      15,625                $1,171,875      $23,437.50
     7                   2.0%                      78,125               $5,859,375     $117,187.75
     8                   1.0%                   390,625             $29,296,875     $292,968.75


Distributors can also share in 1% National Leadership Bonus Pool.  1% National Leadership Pool:  A pool consisting of 1% of Nouvelle’s total business volume will be shared, paid monthly.  To qualify for the bonus you need to be part of the Nouvelle Distributor Leadership Group.  To become a member of the group there can be individuals that assist in management and are aggressively building their organization that are appointed by management.  All distributors can qualify to participate in the Nouvelle Distributor Leadership Group and receive a portion of the leadership bonus by achieving the level of Gold Director.