Our History

Nuevo-Wellness, is the culmination of more than 40 years of Private Practice, Research and Development, and experience in the area of natural health. Dr. Les Griffith, co-founder of Bastyr University and a pioneer in the field of science-based natural medicine, founded Nuevo-Wellness to help people address the many health issues that result from living in today’s physical and mental/emotional environment. Our mission at Nuevo-Wellness is to help people achieve better health, a more normal weight, and increased vitality and longevity. Our innovative products help to counter the less-than-optimal food and environmental choices we are forced to make, and the ever changing internal chemistries associated with aging, while helping to offer alternatives that can bridge the gap between health-issues and a doctor’s prescription.

Dr. Griffith’s formulas are noted for their combination of tried and true herbal and nutritional ingredients along with cutting edge research and technology. Our extremely high standards for product quality, safety and formulation lead the way in the health and wellness industry. While our products provide unequaled opportunity to improve the physical health of our customers; our Distributor Programs provide an unequaled opportunity to improve the financial health of our partners.

Nuevo-Wellness is a true stand-out; offering Distributors a financial opportunity that is second to none. Our proven approach truly makes helping people both profitable and practical; creating an environment in which positive physical and financial lifestyle changes are possible. Nuevo-Wellness products are distributed via retail and wholesale sources and a network marketing program that enables people to share their success with their friends and family, while making a significant supplementary income.

More than multi-level marketing, however, our programs focus on people helping people; an empowering approach to build healthy financial results while helping others to maintain more healthy lifestyles. With Nuevo-Wellness, Distributors can build a great business while doing good things for their customers and the community.